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Have you ever wanted to have a popular website or make a lot of money online? Me too. I did my own little fan sites and movie sites back in the hay day of Geocities, but that was just a fun thing. I never really understood the nature of the machine that could really make you rich and successful on the internet. To think, all this time I had been working 9-5 when, under my nose, was all the information I needed to turn some fan site and other "fun" pages I had into money makers.

II wasted a lot of time and losing a lot of money I could have been making IF I had started sooner, a year earlier, or when I had first thought of it. I had put off learning about a trade I had been actively involved in, mostly for fun, for years. I decided I didn't want to that anymore, no more waiting for it to come to me another day. I was going to learn how to make the internet work for me. I suggest you stop messing around online and start figuring out how to have the internet, among other things, pay for themselves.

With some years of internet training behind me, mostly basic site promotion and html skills, I set out to further complete the missing knowledge I needed to turn those skills into something more than a hobby. The best and most interesting ones are located in the Our eBooks section, while some insightful, philosophical eBooks on business and the like are in the Free section. Not all eBooks are created equal, though they often share some contextual similiarities. I hope you'll agree the ones I've weeded out and are on this site are the most informative and affordable of the bunch available.

Please have a look around, hopefully we have affordable ebooks to you and can help you get out of the rut you might be in, financial or otherwise. Some eBooks unrelated to internet marketing can be found here if making money online is not your thing.





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